Saturday, 23 April 2016

Teenagers and risk taking

Do you remember sneaking off when your parents didnt want you to go out with a friend? Do you remeber jumping that wild river bed with your friends praying you didnt fall in & break a leg?
Then you know how teenagers serach for their identities through the process of risk-taking. And her is my thought on it all.........
We know changes to the limbic system of the brain cause teens to seek risk, challenge, and emotional stimulation. While some parents fear this phase of a ch...
ild’s life, it’s really quite natural. And it’s a time to be embraced as a positive transition to adulthood. But yes it will drive you insane as a parent ,looking into it more i was reading this thing about not stopping it or controling it but families that are involed in activitves that stimulate that part of the childerns brain to help with later older teenager behaviours like getting drunking , partying, smoking, and sexual experimentation.
This risk-taking can is equally associated with positive activities, like mountain climbing,Hard bush walking, camping or other outdoor things the teenager has not done often in their live up til now, community service, politics, faith groups, and other experiences that can push young people out of their comfort zones and reward them handsomely.


When young people learn to overcome challenges and meet risk head on, they learn to be resilient. They can learn that exploration beyond their comfort zones often leads to unexpected rewards like Happiness, life purpose, and well-being. They develop courage, curiosity, self-confidence, and persistence.

 I callage you to reshape the idea that teen risk-taking is always negative, to get out there & help your teen or even tween to start LIVING.
Who better to travel this with them then you? well for now anyway until they tell you to walk behind them or drop them off at the corner before their friends see you but by then your work with this above will hopefully be mostly done & you can move onto the next teenager stage smile emoticon Good luck & just breath.

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