Tuesday, 26 April 2016

I made Pictionary

Yes I made a home-made version of Pictionary.

As I was typing, printing, laminating, cutting & sorting over 2 hours I had a lot of time to think.

Yes I was happy to do the work, it was for me, my husband & children to be able to spend some time together. Bonding time.

A mother is happy to put in the hard yards most the time because we love our family and we feel its our job. I seem to pick to do thing even when I know its more work even when I know there is an easier way I still choose to do it and that is the point I need to remember, as im sitting there cutting away........ I choose to do this no one made me.

 That step is a good one not to skip because when you go to play the game or go to show your family your hard work and they don't pay you the attention or give you the feedback you wanted you should remember You choose to do it .

This does not mean they should not be polite, thankful for your effort but sometimes our loved ones just don't GET IT .

We sit there all upset wondering why the hell we did this wonderful hard work for our family only to have them not reward you for it with kind words or a thank you. Yes its true we all need to be nicer sometimes thinking of others & the work that they do for us but we also should be responsible for our own happiness.

If you take something on, then you take on the responsibility right? that's what you tell your kids isn't it?

well what do you tell them when they do a good job or help someone, even try to help and it doesn't turn out well? You tell them its ok, they know they done well so that's what's important, that they are wonderful just for doing it, that is doesn't matter if people don't act gracious because you know you done good.

So why don't we as mothers take our own advice? why do we get upset when we don't get a thank you? Ok well apart from it feeling like it happens hundreds of times a day sometimes which I feel like many time each year depending what stage our children, marriage or work is in.

Yes us mum's run around caring for everyone & goodness knows we do deserve a thank you I'm NOT saying that.

We are under appreciated a lot by our families because 'mum will do it' thinking takes over their brains.

Ok my point is Make yourself happy every now & then. Don't do the hard yards burning yourself out.

Us women will just keep going and going because we are MUM'S.

Take care of yourself. Do something that you want to do.

Big or small it doesn't matter. Something to reward yourself for all the labour of love you do each and every day.

P.S  after I had make the cards for Pictionary, cleaned up the house, made lunch for kids & husband, finished typing this I went down the street brought myself a yummy coffee & parked for 10mins near the park enjoying. Now that's what I'm talking about lol



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