Saturday, 9 July 2016

Tough couple of weeks

I have had a really tough couple of weeks with some personal challenges - having problems with my marriage which is not a new thing as I don't believe in fair tails but my husbands depression amough other issues has been hard on me, physical health wise, teenager needing guidance & some hard parenting which is left up to me alone, financial pressures and all sorts of other challenges that are too numerous to go into detail with.

I am learning some big lessons through it though , As a message like this was shared with me I want to share my message now with you

One of them is to lean in to God in prayer and trust. OK don't roll your eyes if this is the first time you have worked out I believe in God Jesus and all of the above. I have been guilty of underestimating the power of prayer and trust before.  And whether it be God , Goddess, mother earth, nothing therefore mediation this blog post can still have something in it for you so please still read ... My faith is mine not yours and I understand that. This is my opinion so open your mind & read ....
When you are put in a position where prayer becomes your only hope and trust requires physical sacrifice that hurts, you learn to see how powerful both these things are.

I have seen God bless us and provide for us over and over again. Giving what little I have and putting my trust in Him has led to abundant blessings. We are by no means rich but it's amazing how God has stepped in at the right time and provided- fueling that little seed of trust to grow even bigger and stronger. Its only me know prays in this house but some nights I am the one sound asleep while my husband still worries. Faith is what helps me sleep.

Secondly, I got a picture of a forest near a creek. In the forest were lots of trees, some standing tall and beautiful, with branches full of bright green foliage. Other trees did not stand as tall or as beautiful, some near the creek with twisty knotted trunks and very little foliage. A great storm came and swept many of the tall, beautiful trees to the ground. All their energy had gone into growing them tall and beautiful on the outside. They looked healthy and strong but when the storm came, they had no roots to hold them strong to the ground. The ugly, twisty trees near the creek weathered the storm because the energy had gone into building strong roots and character. On the outside they looked unfortunate but even though they were battered, they stood strong in the storm.

When we are going through tough times, when God is testing us and refining us, it can look like a curse and we pray for God to take it away. What I have learnt is that one day I will look back on this time and thank Him for the enormous blessing of these lessons, for the opportunity to grow roots in the clay soil that when the storm comes I will stand true and weather it.

He gives and he takes away. Naked I came into this world and naked I will go, though through learning these tough lessons and growing character, I am storing up treasure- the type one CAN take to heaven and bless others with. Blessing doesn't always look like good health, money or relationships. Sometimes blessing is in the promises of God.

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