Friday, 30 June 2017

Home sick

 So do you have a 'home town' ?
Is it different to your children's hometown ?
Some of us may still be living in the town we grew up in or have moved away during our younger years when we wanted to see the world, work & travel but had this weird nack of ending up back in our home town.
Me & my friends when we where in our 20s use to have the joke that " They always end up back, its like a black hole that sucks you back in lol" of course we loved our town Goulburn but to us we had this feeling of never getting out, never going anywhere else like all the famous people seem to do.
So we made jokes and nicknames stating we hated our town, but we really knew we felt at home, at peace there and that's why we hadn't left yet.
A lot of us did leave, had families and careers. Some came back some didn't.
I'm one who didn't. My best friend is one that stayed. I'd like to thank her for these lovely photos too  
That connection I still have with my town has this warm spot in my heart. I still get homesick sometimes, Like a kid away at school camp. 
When I see news about good changes happening in Goulburn I think wow that would be good for the kids as compared to our small and unchanging country town we live in now. And I see some not so good events like floods happening and I feel the townspeople's pain. 

See this Goulburn is my home town but my children don't remember it. 
They didn't grow up running around the park or going to the movies with friends 
The town we are in now and have been for years is their home town. Its not the same as mine and that makes me a bit sad. But to them they couldn't think of living anywhere else, well not yet anyway. 
I wonder will they joke about this town? Will they move away and come back? So talk about your home town and make sure your children know and feel the specialness of a Hometown.          :) k

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  1. Great post! I never left my hometown. Well, I did briefly for college but I came back. I love it here in Charleston. My husband is from DC so he often gets homesick and talks about the different things he did as a child while there. I get it.