Saturday, 20 May 2017

It's been a long week

After a long week with sports days, horse riding kindly provided by Riding Disabled, class  exscrison , an award at assembly and a  switch around of teachers I can tell you it wasn't easy. Parents of kids on the spectrum will understand how full on walk on egg shells my week has been. My little man had done well.
A couple of hours spent in the local gardens feeding ducks was just what he needed, no playing kids or footy games just older people walking around minding their own business 😊
Quiet time is a must in our sons life, he may think he doesn't need it or want it instead saying he wants to play the Xbox more but it's my job to care for my children ,to work out what they need and then work out how to provide it to them.
Then they will change and we have to do it all I really again just to keep us parents on our toes.

The good old trick of telling him I need to take photos of the trees for my collect is a Classic excuse to come here to the garden.
Where he has ran, walked, rolled and sat . The old dog is trying to keep up and I'm sipping my coffee. So I hope you find a way of getting out & enjoying some quiet this weekend x

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