Saturday, 26 August 2017

Book Week

How did everyone's BOOK WEEK go?
Here is my son who done better then last year dressed as a pirate. Its a different kind of emotional parent roller-coaster isn't it?
Will they want to dress up? Will they change their minds? or try to fight past the anxiety & overloaded sensory disorder because of peer expectations? Will the clothes feel comfortable or will the tags feel like razers on their skin?
As I said my son did well & even though we had to stand out of the play ground until the bell rang ( the play ground was too noisy full of excited kids ) he enjoyed himself he said later that day before the meltdown of screaming, crying, shaking and wanting all the noises in the world to STOP hurting him, happened that night .
But he was my little Pirate and he was part of his school Book Week that's what makes us smile k

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