Saturday, 12 August 2017

Taking a breather

Here is my son feeding duck on the side of a river .
We had such a nice time just sitting, well I sat with a coffee and he run, jumped, walked, hopped, sat then ran again .
We had his big sister with us and it was a nice day out.
We took the short drive ( with his ipad for company in the back seat of course) to a small county town where the bird show was on.
Even though I prepared him for all the noise & people, holding his hand and having ear muffs on he was overloaded by about 20mins.
Which I think is good, he did so well and I told him so.
After that we went to a café & got take away then found this lovely park along a river.
Its here sitting watching him that I realised how much we all needed this today .
I have started my own business and have jumped into being a working mum of around 22 hours a week most being early mornings where I don't see my son until he gets home from school when his dad picks him up for us.
Its been a lot to handle for all of us but we are doing well .
                           I Just need to remember to make more days for in the park  :) k

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