Saturday, 7 May 2016

is this my messy house?

So my house is a mess of course it is I have two children and two adults living in it every day.
And only one person who cleans it ME . I got cranky and had a tantrum yesterday because of the mess in the lounge room I had just cleaned hours before 😡
My house is small, old, unfashionable some would say middle class and you know what I love it.
We are not a family living in a designer home with beautiful magazine looking rooms.
We live in a small town, in a country street, lovely neighbours ,in a rental house, with a bedroom for each child, a cosy bedroom for us parents , some aged furnitune but I love my new lounge suite I got us for Christmas ,  large backyard with many pets so yes it's messy our lives are messy and I won't hide that by placing some magazine style photo on my blog .

Anyway back to my messy lounge room.
My husband just let me carry on and he understands that the mess stresses me out. But he is no help with keeping the house clean or making the kids clean up after themselves but you can't tell him that .
If you do he will just come back with a small list if things he has done to help out in the last couple of days ( some not even to do with in the house cleaning ) and then he will come up with the " it's not my mess it's the kids " Why do men seem to think that if it is not their own mess it's not their problem
Last time I check this was his family, he does not work full time we are equal in our house .
So please don't get me wrong. I do think that if one parent works full time or more then the other the house cleaning and up keep should be shared or given to the less working parent (housewives and housedads)
But that is not our case. We both have our own work which most the time ends up being equal that is a good balance we found works for our marriage. Just not maybe for my house lol
Now yes my husband has some different quirks because he has a high functioning form of Autism but I think this problem can be put down to a normal Husband problem right ladies?

So I have made a test, just a little experiment lets say- I did not touch / clean one part of my lounge room for 5 days. (counting from the day I cleaned it as part of my normal household duties.
I took photos, not at any stage of this weekday & weekend time did ANYONE of the adults or children in the say anything about it being like this................. would they just live in this mess if I wasn't here? scary (I may edit this once , if ever , someone talks about this to me but I am not going to say one word.

This is a space on my small lounge room floor

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