Tuesday, 10 May 2016

On a bad day

Having a bad day? We can be having a bad day for many reason from heartbreaking life changing reasons or that the everyday things are just not going your way today
I have had many bad days but I always have survived them ALL or I wouldn't be here typing this.
Yes sometimes we are scared from our battles and yes it can feel like a fight, like a war for some people. I understand this to well
I don't think my little blog post is going to help anyone win that battle but I do want to say ' you are not alone'
Many people go through bad times, many people battle & odds are that some one out there has it worse then you. Yep I said it, your battle may be great or small but one thing is guaranteed SOMEONE out there has a much bigger battle going on.
That is just a fact of life and if you can tell yourself that on those bad day maybe that will help you get up dust yourself off and keep going. I know it helps me. If others is such bad battles of both physical & spiritual battles can dust themselves off I CAN.          I should!

You want an example just to get it into your head? Ok then here we go....
Your husband is an arsehole, never helping out, treats you like a servant & your kids are starting to treat you the same way. You agonies about what to do.
A wife is waiting at home for her husband to come back from work but instead the police come to the door to tell her he & the children have died in a car crash. she is alone.

See if that doesn't put things into prospective for you. I could go on but really it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that out & many more examples in your head.
Now I am not saying do it yourself, Go get help. Ask a friend, a workmate or ring a helpline if you need too.
Get all the help that is out there, you deserve it.

But If all you need is to reset your way of thinking please reread my post ... imagine yourself walking on the beach on a nice sunny day ...
Are we the most extraordinary strong, brave, resilient humans
Every day in some way we
*Face rejection ... and refuse to be daunted.
*We Contemplate loneliness others overwhelmed lack of space and we join a group or support others  somehow because we can
*We are hurt and we cry ... but choose (mostly) to learn greater understanding and compassion from the experience.
*We fall apart, curse, scream and moan ... but we pick ourselves up and get on with life just the same.

We are amazing! Don't ever let anyone tell you you're not strong, clever and resourceful ... and if they do, don't believe them.
Hugs to all you beautiful ladies & men, no matter where you're at.
May something truly beautiful come your way today to remind you that life's a bitch ... but it's also a miracle xxx
If all else fails, enjoy my favourite beach 😊 stare at it and just BREATHE
Queensland Australia