Wednesday, 5 October 2016

I don't need a husband to fix that

So I've been out doing stuff around the yard.  Poisoning, cleaning the caked on crud from under my mower, re-potting water lilies.  All the while thinking about this theory of mine.  You don't have to agree, you don't have to comment, it's just my opinion.  Back in the old days man worked, woman stayed home and did housework, cared for children, sewed, cooked, whatever.  Man came home to cooked meal on the dinner table blah blah.  He did yard work on weekends etc etc.  Saved, bought a house with a picket fence and a brand new car. Now as times have changed we evolve and continue to evolve.  Men AND women work.  Houses are too expensive.  Kids are too expensive.  Everything's too expensive.  Everyone works and gets nowhere.  Suddenly families don't work anymore.  Men still work but they don't come home to home cooked meals anymore.  They come home to tired cranky wives and screaming children.  The men aren't happy the wives aren't happy the children aren't happy.  The wife asks the man 30 times to take out the garbage before getting fed up and doing it herself. He calls it nagging.  She realises that if she's going to do everything herself why does she need him? The marriage breaks up.  The woman takes everything (or so he says) including the kids. And she manages to do everything on her own and in fact she's still doing everything she was doing before but feels like one less kid to look after and nag.  Man feels un-needed, un-wanted. Woman feels liberated and swears to never rely on man again.  Very sad. And I don't really get why men like to feel needed.  Like you need them around to do stuff (even though when you ask them to do stuff they never do! Hence the nagging!) If I want a guy around its because I WANT him around not because I need him to do stuff for me.  I can do all my own stuff thank you (and thanks google for all the stuff I don't know how to do haha) But yeah I'm one of those independent chicks because well every time I've relied on some one they've let me down.  So I rely on myself, best decision ever. I don't wanna feel like I'm helpless and useless. I got me.  Not to say that if a guy wants to help I wouldn't let him.  He just better know that I won't beg his ass to stick around if things go sour. I'll just get on with things without him.
PS Before you scream feminist I don't really see myself as a feminist.  I am who I am because of what I have experienced.

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