Friday, 7 April 2017

Camping fun

Camping we will go

So as a mum of two in her 30s I decided to jump into the world of camping.
Yep I asked online and done some reading but unless you had money to buy everything at once I was left with a 2nd hand tent & Kmart blow up mattresses .
Some people said to me online that all you need is to just relax and go with it some said plan everything & ask others for help. 
Well I relaxed and I planned  ..... it still didn't go to plan. 
I was the only one who stayed to sleep both nights.
My husband wasn't Intersted from the start so I took the bull by the horns so to speak and marched off on my own with two kids . 
Well we got there and realised I had forgotten the tent poles and pegs - husband to the rescue. 
Then we couldn't remember how to put up our 2nd hand tent we had only used once before so by the time it was dark we had got the tent up in time for me to collapse in it.
Then the teenager wanted to leave with her father because there was no internet & she missed her boyfriend. I was over her sulking by this time & let her drive away with her father to go home to a internet connection. The next night my son wasn't feel well with a cold so dad to recues again came & picked him up. The teenager stayed with me instead (I'm guessing after having a talking to by her father)
So two night camping with the kids ended up differently then the picture perfect tv add looking holiday I seen in my head last week.
This left me felling like I had fail. My ideal camping holiday was a half made tent with little food and a blow up mattress I had to blow up twice 
But my 7 year old surprisingly loved the idea. His sensory processing disorder was at peace here . He wondered around the camp site in the morning when it was just me & him, just taking in the peaceful bush. 
I was calm as I didn't have to worry about what people where thinking of me and my autistic son, why was he making those noises or why did he want to keep hitting that tree with that stick....
 We could just BE. I read some of a book for the first time in over a year .
The book by Constance Hall and one part spoke to me on page fifty ~ 

'Queens don't fail at anything,they learn lessons and they change their minds'

I realised I had been looking at this wrong . I havnt failed camping .
I had found out how to better do it next time. I had given my son some space and I in return  got some also.
I had learn we need to check everything before living and to buy a bigger esky and pack more food the list goes on .....
So yes I went camping.
I will do it again
and I may also change my mind :) 

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