Sunday, 23 April 2017

I'll leave you the last piece of cake

Do you ever wonder if your partner knows about all the little things you do for them?
And yelling them out in the middle of a fight that strayed over his mother coming for dinner unannounced does not count .
As a mother I am very practiced at putting another human being first, it's something that comes over us when we first hold our new born babies .
We will always give them the best foood, drink, clothing we can and we will always give them the last clean towel or drink of juice. That's just the way motherhood is but is some form or another a wife is like this too.
We do things for our husband, we care for them too. And in some fairytale marriages we see looking for the outside in seem to work well as both partners care and serve the other .
Sometimes it's a bit more one sided .
Once I had this blog idea come to me I just couldn't stop seeing all the things I do for my husband.
Now I'm not saying I hate doing them, truth be told i kind of like caring for him sometimes but I now see how one sided it has become.
Do you leave the last can of drink in the fridge for him? Or maybe leave him the last couple of tomatos knowing he likes tomato sandwiches? I do.
When I have a shower and see there is the big fluffy towel and a smaller old one only left I leave the bigger fluffy one for him.
And when his been on the computer all night & has left the lid off his favourite drink bottle I close it.
If I am in the shops getting myself something for work lunch I make sure I look for something yummy to bring home to him too.
And of course the classic clothes on the floor situation, when even know he put that shirt on the floor he will want to wear it tomorrow so I the cleaning fairy comes along to wash , dry and fold it for him.
That cleaning fairy does all his clothes, dishes and house cleaning you know 😜
When planning what to cook for dinners all week at least half are foods he likes
Yes I leave him the last piece of cake too.
It's when this started spinning around in my head that i think it can get dangerous.
How do I feel about all that I do for him? And the question that comes to my mind after that is What does he do for me? The answers to these two questions can be happiness or sadness .

          Thanks for reading and I hope it finds you well. K

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