Friday, 17 June 2016

Self care - taking care of you

Why do we feel guilty when we do something for ourselves? when we take time out, get something only we enjoy or stop doing things for others so we can do something for ourselves .
Mothers are really good at feeling bad for wanting or needing selfcare.

It's exhausting being a mother, wife, daughter in law, friend, carer and all the other Hats that we put on everyday.
Why do we think we have to keep going?
In my opinion there is two different kinds of women
1. You think our families world will fall apart if you take time to do something for ourselves therefore don't find time. The I AM TO BUSY FOR THAT  or WHERE WOULD I FIND THE TIME.
2. Feel guilty for even thinking of doing something for yourself because you see it as a privilege not a right.

Call it guilt or just not seeing it as important it comes down to the way you think about the whole SelfCare thing .

How do you see it?

Parenting --- Wifely duties --- Work ---- Chores ---- Friendships

Even the friendships we put on the work list so to speak.The things we should be doing.
So why don't we place selfcare onto our list?

We need to change the way we think, taking care of ourself is not an extra thing it is something we need to do.
So we can continue to do all the other things on our list.
So make a little rule in your head now; one thing a week I am going to do that I want to do.Selfcare.
Tell everyone in your family you are off dutie on Wednesday night between 7-8pm and go read a bed in bed with some candle & chocolate
Bubble bath
Get some head phones , find your fav music and spend some time walking on the treadmill
Go for a drive, get drive thru and park at a river watching the ducks swim around for a while
Go to the movies or an event you want to see
Pay for a massage or get your nails done
Go get your hair done
Get up on Saturday morning and head to the markets by yourself enjoy wondering where you want :)
 Go enjoy xxx

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