Sunday, 26 June 2016

Why write an ABOUT ME ?

As I have said before I am just using this blog as a way of getting things out of my system, so I didn't see a point in writing an About Me post/page like all the other mum blogs.

To be honest I've never really understood why they were needed, I mean am a pretty guarded person in some ways when am online. I don't want total strangers knowing what my favourite takeaway place is or how many kids go to the local school. Even worse I dold want someone I do know writing about me about stuff I wouldn't normally chose to tell them at that stage of our relationship I guess.
Putting yourself whole self out there online for anyone to see scares me a little.
But then I read on a group post on facebook about how a women found it one of the hardest things to do. I thought about it for a while & it became a big thing ..... it wasn't just write your details it is writing about you. Not what you are like a mum or a wife but about the person, the single human form.
 A writing about what defines you.
Describe yourself.                    Now this have been a challenge but a good one I needed to do.
This has been sitting in my drafts for over 4 weeks. I add bits and I take away bit ; filling it in a little at a time. It has made me contemplate who I am

I am in my late 30s and I have had two children with my husband. Never knew I wanted children until  it happened now I wouldn't have it any other way.
I grew up with horses. I enjoyed riding the and I was very good at it. I am sad when I think about it as I gave that part of my life up many many years ago and I know it's just not possible o have that back.
I like traveling and really like to take my time getting to and from places. More county places , places with a history I enjoying learning about. 
I'd and not much of a reader but when I find things - topics I'm interested in I'm happy to research it and find out more. 
I believe everyone no matter rich, poor, a famous good person or a bush ranger should be remembered and have the respect paid to them once they are gone. 
With the exception of major criminals. Family history should be kept and taken care of for the future and we should never forget where we come from.
I am passionate about remembering the Man, women and animals who died the Wars to eep us here safe at home and we should be feeling blessed every day .
Family is family and should be kept in contact, respected and never forgotten. Family is worth the effort.
So yer that's me. I like colouring in because I can't draw lol  I enjoy singing when no one can hear me and the one hing I'd love to do would be to buy a camper van and travel Austrailia .

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